How to make a Mass Media Cartoon

As we all know, the mass media are not just a tool of propaganda but also of the public.

This has been a common theme for a long time.

But today, with a new wave of censorship, mass media has become a tool for the corporate interests to control the public opinion.

This is why we are seeing such drastic changes in the media and it is important that we speak out against it.

There are many reasons why the mass mainstream media has gone from being a useful tool of the people to becoming a tool used by a few powerful people.

The mass media became a tool to spread propaganda and misinformation that were used by the powerful.

The new wave, which is called the “fake news” era, has been created by the big business to divide the public against each other and to influence them in various ways.

The major media is the first weapon used to spread misinformation and propaganda.

As a result, they have become a very powerful tool to influence the public, and now, it is their job to use them to spread disinformation, as they always have.

For example, they can spread lies, as a way to influence their audiences to believe that everything is going to end in a “firestorm” like it always has.

They can also use the mass mass media to create fear and uncertainty in the minds of their viewers, to create a sense of insecurity that will lead to them to not be able to fully engage with reality.

There is a new way to create this fear.

The corporate media is using the mass public to make money and generate profits.

This also means that the mass, as well as the mass of the general public, are also being manipulated and used for the same purposes.

The media is used to create the illusion of public order and to sell more products and services.

This allows them to maintain their control over the mass population and the mass entertainment market.

In the same way, the corporate media can use the media to promote their products, services and events, thus making money.

In this way, they are able to use the public to further their goals and achieve their goals.

In some cases, they even use the masses as a weapon.

When you hear the term “fake outrage,” you will probably think that this is the way to go, because it is not only the media that are using the public as a tool.

The government, big business and the major media are using mass media and the public in the same manner.

For this reason, mass public opinion is being manipulated in ways that are both harmful and harmful for society.

A great example of this is how the mainstream media is trying to influence Americans to vote for Donald Trump.

This could have negative consequences for democracy and for the overall public.

In a recent study, a study was conducted in the US by Dr. Robert L. Littman, professor of public affairs at George Mason University and a member of the Council of the United States Institute of Peace.

The results showed that there was a negative correlation between a negative reaction to a political candidate and a vote for Trump.

He concluded that the negative response to Trump was caused by the way he used mass media as a propaganda tool to divide his audience and to make them think that the election was illegitimate.

What the mass and mass media do is to spread a message that is not true, that is biased, that the outcome is unjust and that there is no need to vote.

These messages can be heard in many different ways and they can be used to manipulate people in different ways.

They have been used by both major parties, as the basis for their campaigns and as a basis for the policy that they are pursuing.

When the mass-media are using their power to spread lies and disinformation, there is an opportunity for the media’s owners to profit from the situation.

The problem with the mass corporate media The mass corporate mass media is not just about profit for the big media, which can be found in the form of ad revenue and subscriptions, but also about profit from public opinion, for the people themselves and for their own personal and collective well-being.

This can be seen by the fact that the number of people who are actually listening to the mass daily mass media talk shows is declining and the number who are watching them is rising.

This trend, which the media is doing to help their profits, is creating a situation where the media are more and more being controlled by the corporations.

In many ways, it’s like a mafia, where the owners of the media have more and the owners are increasingly being controlled.

The companies have also taken control of some of the mass publications.

The mainstream media are also trying to create confusion among the general population by using the masses to promote misinformation and to create fears and uncertainty.

In recent years, this disinformation has also been used in ways which are both beneficial and harmful to society.

When it comes to disinformation, the media has often used their mass media in order to promote falsehoods, for example, by

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