When it comes to mass media, there are more than 1,000 options

India’s government has set up an inter-ministerial committee to look at how to streamline the creation of mass media scholarships.

The committee was formed on the basis of a proposal to set up a scholarship scheme to fund high-quality journalism in the country.

The proposal was first reported by the NDTV news channel in December 2016.

The National Digital University has also proposed creating an interministeral scholarship programme for media graduates in the future.

The idea was launched by former finance minister Arun Jaitley at a media summit in New Delhi last week.

“There are more options, there’s more ways to go,” Jaitleys chief of staff Anil Ravi told the National Assembly, where the proposal was introduced.

The new scheme would be launched after a review of the existing one, which was launched in 2015.

The aim is to make journalism more accessible and accessible to more people.

The scheme would have a two-year duration, which would be capped at six years.

The programme would be available for media students from third-level institutions and private sector firms, as well as the government.

It would also aim to provide a support and mentoring scheme for students who want to go into journalism.

Currently, there is a scholarship fund for media graduate from three private and four public sector institutions.

The current one is worth Rs 2.5 lakh.

The government will also introduce a scholarship for the graduates of the Indian Institute of Management, which is a part of the National Council of Educational Research (NCER), in the coming months.

The NCEER is the main institution for promoting the study of media and its impact on society.

It was set up by the then prime minister, Narendra Modi, in 2013, and it has a budget of Rs 1,300 crore.

The move to introduce a media scholarship is in line with the NCEERS mission statement, which states that media should be “a part of our national culture and be a part in the fabric of India”.

It also states that the scholarship will help students get the necessary support and guidance to be successful in their studies and careers.

It is hoped that the programme would lead to more opportunities for students, who have been unable to access scholarships before, said Arun Bhatia, general secretary of NCEES.

“I hope it will lead to better opportunities for young journalists, better opportunities in the journalism industry, and also opportunities for graduates to earn a livelihood,” he told NDTV.

A key objective of the scholarship programme would also be to provide opportunities to those who have not been able to get scholarships.

“A large number of young journalists and media graduates are not getting scholarships because of financial constraints,” he said.

The university also has set a target of setting up a Rs 1 lakh fund for the next six months.

“We will have a new fund within six months to provide scholarships for those who don’t get any scholarships and are willing to put in the effort.

The goal is to give them a shot,” Ravi said.

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