How to tell the difference between the new and old media

The Hindu, November 14, 2020, 1:15 pmA recent article by a well-known journalist on how to differentiate the new media from the old media has received some controversy.

The article, which is posted on a website called the Hindu, contains an excerpt from the book “The Indian Media” by N. Sudhakar.

Sudakar, who is a member of the editorial board of The Hindu and has a large following on social media, is quoted in the article saying that “there is a distinction between ‘old media’ and ‘new media’.

The old media, which can be seen on the Internet, has the most popular content.

The new media is more popular and has fewer news items, and this is because it has become popular.

These old media are being replaced by new media which are more relevant, reliable and unbiased.”

Sudakart has said that “new media” is the “new era” in media.

“When we are dealing with a new era, we have to keep in mind the importance of the old medium,” Sudakarth said.

“For instance, when the old print media was losing popularity, there was a lot of pressure to change it.

But now the new print media is on a better footing.”

“Old media” refers to the old and non-digital media, including print media, radio and television.

“New media” means a digital medium that is not print media.

This is because digital media can be accessed by many people.

“Digital media is a whole new medium.

The old technology is still here, but we can also find new technology,” Sudhakart said.

The issue Sudakars’ statement has received criticism from journalists, social media users and even the media himself.

“Sudakart’s words were taken out of context.

His article is written to highlight the differences between digital media and old and new media,” said Sunil Kumar, editor-in-chief of The Indian Express, a daily newspaper in the capital New Delhi.

“In his article, Sudakara talks about the difference in quality between the old vs the new.

But what he has not mentioned is that digital media is not the same as old media.

If a journalist has the idea to write an article, it is important that he knows what he is talking about,” Kumar said.

He added that Sudakas statement “is a clear attempt to confuse people about the distinction between old and digital media.”

“The way in which he has portrayed old and old is not correct,” said Arun Raman, an associate professor at the National Centre for Science Education, a university in Mumbai.

“The word ‘new’ is often used by digital media writers, but it should be understood that the term ‘newmedia’ is used to refer to the digital medium used for news content,” he added.

“As an independent journalist, Sudhakarth should be aware of this difference between old media and digital,” said N. S. Bhardwaj, editor of the Hindustan Times, another daily newspaper, which has a strong readership in India.

“He has been a journalist for many years, but his statements are meant to highlight differences between the media of the ‘old’ and the digital media of today,” Bhardiwaj said.

Sudarth’s statements have been met with some criticism on social networking sites and the comments section of The Hindustantimes.

“His statement is not helpful.

The difference is not between digital and old,” wrote one commenter on the website of The New York Times.

Sudart has also received a lot more negative comments, including those from some of his former students.

“What do you know about journalism?

The best journalism has been done by the old-time journalists, who are now making new mistakes,” wrote another commenter on The Hindu.

Sudarshan Gopal, a professor at Columbia University, who has studied journalism, wrote in the Times of India that “if Sudarth is really interested in journalism, he should learn to use his own words and not resort to the ‘sales pitch’ of the press to sell his book.

He has no business making the argument that old media is superior.

The Times of the day does not exist anymore, and the media today is different.”

“It is sad that a respected journalist like Sudarsha is now being misquoted and taken out by a media that is used for selling newspapers,” he said.

One of the students of The Times, Vijay Muthalik, told The Times that Sudarth “has done a disservice to the journalism profession and the country.”

Muthally added that “a journalist has no right to be in this position and to be accused of trying to sell a book on the condition that he makes up his mind about what the media is for.

It is not journalism at all.”

Sudarth has been in the news for a long time.

In November 2016, Sud

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