How to read the headlines: Media coverage of climate change is still mostly negative

The U.S. news media has been dominated by a series of reports that have focused on the impact of climate-change events on the environment and people’s lives.

They’ve all tended to be negative.

The latest is an op-ed in the New York Times on Thursday, which describes the impact that rising sea levels will have on the coastal communities in coastal California and the U.K. It concludes: The impacts of climate disruption are already well underway, with rising sea level rising more quickly in places where it normally does, and coastal cities being inundated.

It is already affecting some of the world’s poorest people, as rising sealevels will make their lives even more precarious.

For many, they may be forced to leave their homes, or move farther inland, where their homes and livelihoods will be affected.

But those in the U, which has one of the largest coastal economies in the world, should be able to weather this storm and rebuild.

In the meantime, climate change has been the subject of more media coverage than ever.

It has dominated the news coverage of the Rio+20 conference in Brazil and the election of President Donald Trump in the United States.

The impact of the extreme weather has been largely ignored in the news, with a lack of coverage of how the weather is affecting the economy and the public health system in the developing world.

In fact, climate disruption has been a topic of discussion in many U.N. and other international forums for years, as well as during the U-turns and the negotiations of the Paris climate accord.

The fact that it’s the focus of the U., which has had to adapt to it, has given the media a platform to highlight how the environment is being affected and how we must change our behavior to adapt.

But these stories tend to be mostly negative.

They are also often written in the tone of an opinion column or a blog post.

In this context, we must be very careful to distinguish between the public interest and the media’s interest in how to report the news.

We know that climate change, the impacts of which are already being felt in many places, is causing real harm to the environment.

That’s not a newsworthy issue for the media to report.

If you really care about what’s happening to our planet, you should also be concerned about what will happen to people and ecosystems, and how it’s affecting our health and safety.

We need to learn how to write stories that are less negative about climate change and about the health impacts of extreme weather, and that can be done in a way that is respectful of both the public and the journalists’ values, according to John F. Cottrol, professor of journalism and public affairs at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

We can all learn a lot from the media, Cottral said.

We can all agree to be more respectful of the public.

We need to be able and willing to talk about the issue in ways that are not just negative.

The news media needs to be less negative.

It’s not news to say that the United Kingdom is struggling to adapt after its capital was flooded.

But the flood was the result of extreme, unpredictable weather, which caused damage to buildings, and the government’s response was ineffective.

The government was not doing enough.

It’s not good enough to blame the news media for not covering that.

Cottrol said there is no easy way to stop the media from being too negative about extreme weather.

You can’t change the culture of journalism.

The challenge is to do something about it.

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