When Israeli media companies are struggling to stay afloat, there’s nothing they can do

Israeli media giants are facing the challenge of making their business models sustainable after a wave of layoffs.

With the number of media companies dropping from more than half of the country’s businesses last year to just over 20 percent today, the question is how to make the job market work in the future.

“It’s a very tough market,” said David Kohn, a media analyst at Israel’s Ben-Gurion University.

“It’s hard for them to do business and it’s difficult for them not to.”

Israel is the world’s most populous democracy with more than 5 million people and is the country with the largest population of journalists and the second-largest number of online journalists.

But it is not alone in its struggles.

In the U.S., more than 400 media companies have been laid off since March, and more than 100 have announced plans to lay off employees.

In Australia, there are more than 70 media companies that have announced layoffs in the past few weeks, with more expected.

The number of newspapers and magazines in the United States has fallen by nearly 50 percent over the past decade, while the number that have been shuttered has jumped by more than 75 percent.

In Israel, the country has long been a hub for media entrepreneurship.

Israel has been a media powerhouse for more than three centuries, with its newspapers and television stations being the largest of their kind in the world.

The country has a population of about 5 million, with nearly all the country being located in the Western Negev.

But the industry is struggling to keep up with the changing landscape.

Israel’s media companies were born in the 1950s, and their mission was to serve the Jewish community in the country, according to David Ben-David, a senior fellow at the Israeli Institute for Strategic Studies.

In addition to the print media, the government owned television stations have also been among the countrys most important sources of information, and were instrumental in helping propel the country to the modern age of digital media.

But the current environment for the Israeli media industry has not been easy.

The current economic downturn has led to layoffs in many media companies, and the country is experiencing a decline in sales.

Some of the newsrooms are still struggling to make ends meet, while some of the more popular media outlets, such as the news portal, Ynet, have been forced to close down.

According to Kohn of the Ben-Kos, Israel is the most populous country in the Middle East, but with fewer people and fewer newspapers, it has struggled to maintain a media industry.

The problem is that most of the time the country does not have the resources to keep them afloat, and that is not the case for the media companies.

The problem, according, is that Israel is not able to find enough people to be the “voice of the people,” he said.

“If the people are left without the media, then there will be fewer people who will want to be interested in that media,” he told the Jerusalem Post.

“We have no hope of doing it, and it is a real problem.”

“It is a very difficult market,” he added.

“Its hard for us to do the business.”

The current situation has left some in Israel struggling to survive financially, but Kohn believes the industry has more than a decade of experience at dealing with the downturn.

He also points to the fact that Israel has the highest number of foreign media outlets in the region, including English-language outlets in Britain, the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan.

“The media industry is not a bad industry.

Its the problem of the state and the system that it operates under that makes it so difficult to sustain,” Kohn said.

“They are very well organized and have the means to deal with problems.

The media is a system.

Its how it works, not how it looks.”

In a report published earlier this month, the Ujiri Foundation, a conservative think tank, said that in 2016 Israel lost over $4 billion in media revenues.

The group pointed out that the sector had lost $2.5 billion in the same year.

For its part, the Ministry of Communications and the Information and Broadcasting Ministry, the ministries responsible for media, have promised to improve the situation in the sector.

However, many of the companies have struggled to keep their businesses afloat as they struggle to compete with other industries.

Some of the biggest players in the industry have also faced difficulties in recent years, such the loss of advertising revenue due to the economic downturn.

One of the most visible struggles is in the realm of online content.

Israel is one of the few countries in the Muslim world that does not allow foreign content to be published online, meaning that Israeli publications do not have access to the vast number of English-speaking online audiences.

This means that news websites such as The Jerusalem Times and The

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