What was the role of mass media in the 1960s?

By late 1960s, the American public had grown weary of the government’s control of the media and wanted new ideas, new ideas that were informed by real people and not propaganda.

In his book, The American Dream: The Politics of a New America, former Nixon adviser Paul Wolfowitz wrote, “I think the American people would be interested in the fact that the media has changed in ways that the politicians and the people in power don’t want.”

A Gallup poll from June 1960 found that 69% of Americans felt the media had changed, and that the change had made them less trusting of the news media.

A Washington Post poll in June 1960 showed that the percentage of Americans saying that the government should not have control of newspapers and radio was up by 20 points.

But it was the 1960 presidential election that brought the American media into the national spotlight.

It was during that election that the major mass media outlets, including the Associated Press, were forced to take on a new identity and become independent entities.

When it was over, the AP and the Associated Newspapers, which covered the nation’s newspapers, were merged into the new Associated Press.

The new news media also gained national notoriety, especially for their coverage of the Vietnam War.

By the 1960 election, the Associated press had a circulation of more than 400 million, more than one-third of the nation.

Since the 1960 elections, the mainstream media has become increasingly critical of the United States government and has tried to create a new kind of alternative news source.

Many of these efforts were unsuccessful.

For instance, in 1962, the National Review, a conservative journal, published an article called, “Why America Should Never Be Able to Make a Great Deal Again.”

It argued that the U.S. should withdraw from the World Trade Organization, which was the global economic body that regulates trade between the U and the world.

Despite the backlash from the conservative press, the United Nations adopted the Paris climate agreement in December of that year, which set the stage for the reduction in carbon emissions.

The United States, along with most other developed nations, pledged to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and prevent climate change, but the U,S.

did not meet its targets.

On Dec. 31, the U-S.

Congress passed a bill, the “Clean Air Act of 2017,” that was aimed at curbing carbon emissions and promoting renewable energy.

The bill was signed into law on March 7, 2018.

The EPA’s Office of Management and Budget, the executive branch of the U of S, has taken an active role in crafting and implementing the Clean Air Act, but President Donald Trump has threatened to veto the bill.

In June 2018, the Trump administration withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement and withdrew from other international agreements.

Trump said he did so because the agreement was not strong enough to address climate change.

The president said in June 2018 that he would withdraw the U from the landmark agreement.

The White House also called the climate agreement “a total disaster,” and the EPA’s Scott Pruitt has said the Paris agreement was a “horrible deal” and said he was going to pull out of the agreement.

At the time, Trump also said that he had asked former President Barack Obama for the White House to come up with a way to cut back on greenhouse gas emissions.

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