How to make a difference in the news world with the news media

By Matt BissonetteThe Washington TimesPublished Nov 14, 2017 10:08:50As a member of the White House press corps, I’ve spent more time on the phone than I’ve spoken with President Donald Trump since taking office.

I’ve watched him try to keep his job and the world safe.

But my time with him has been nothing short of extraordinary.

We have seen a president and his team of advisers and advisers-in-waiting, as they call themselves-take a page out of Trump’s playbook, take the news business into their own hands, and put a real spin on the national media.

In the early days, this was just a small part of the president’s strategy.

Trump himself had told me, “The media has become so corrupt, and it’s getting to be so dangerous.”

He had talked about his desire to get rid of it.

But now, he had the ability to do that.

And he was ready to take that chance.

For example, the day after the inauguration, the White, House Press Corps tweeted that the president would “immediately and completely review the network of paid for, paid for CNN” reporters.

Trump, as I’ve written in the past, has long been a fan of CNN.

But the president has never seemed to care about the network, and CNN’s reporting has become increasingly aggressive and partisan in recent months.

It’s hard to imagine a president who didn’t think the network’s reporting was biased and distorted and was going to make sure he got to the bottom of it, right?

That’s exactly what happened.

When the president signed a decree in January 2017 ordering the end of the network and its reporters, the media’s new boss, Jeff Zucker, was eager to do just that.CNN’s president, Jeff Zients, said he was “deeply disturbed” by the network reporting.

I spoke with him about this during the week after the decree was signed.

He told me that the new president was going “to make sure the networks that we have in this country are doing the right thing.”

But when we talked again on Monday, it was clear that the network wasn’t going to be the only media organization that would be doing its job.

The president’s allies were going to have to step up.

And I believe they will.

I hope you will, too.

I’m grateful for the president for putting the press corps on notice, and for his willingness to do this.

The media is a crucial part of our democracy.

Its role is to give voice to the people who elect our leaders.

It is our duty to keep that voice out of the hands of people who do not agree with our policies.

It’s important that the American people understand what they are voting for and why they’re supporting them.

But I also think it is important that we, as a democracy, recognize that this isn’t just a presidential election or a partisan election.

It also happens to be a global election.

And we all have a stake in it.

The media can play a critical role in helping to elect people who are in the best interests of the people.

In a world where fake news is becoming more and more prevalent, the press is an essential tool.

In the age of social media, the internet is a vital source of information for many, many people.

And the media can serve as a crucial resource for those people in ways that the internet has never been.

The press has to be willing to be accountable for what it does.

The president and the press have always been a team.

But they’ve never been a single-minded pursuit of a particular narrative.

And now, it seems, they are.

The White House’s new press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, has taken the president at his word.

The new chief of staff, Reince Priebus, has said the administration is “totally committed” to ensuring that the press has “a strong presence at the White Houses” to keep the public informed.

And in the new press briefing room, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly has said, “Our goal is to make the press as much of a part of America as we can.”

Trump and the White Times, a new media arm of the new administration, have done all of these things.

Trump and the administration have spent billions of dollars on a nationwide effort to get the media to go along with Trump and his agenda.

Trump has promised to spend an additional $50 billion on the media, and in February he told the press he would be looking for a “tremendous amount of money.”

In his first weeks in office, Trump had a number of initiatives aimed at the media.

He made it clear that he wanted the press to stay out of his administration.

Trump even threatened to cut off funding to outlets that criticized him.

And Trump’s first executive order, issued in January, directed the Whitehouse to “implement a new rule that would require the president and

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