How to be the ultimate mass media geek

How to become a mass media arts and culture geek.

(Photo: Getty Images)As a student in the late 1980s, I was exposed to a variety of mass media from the likes of the BBC, PBS and the BBC World Service, to cable TV, cable and satellite TV and the like.

I was even taught how to use the Internet.

My fascination with media started when I was 14, when I discovered that I was interested in reading the newspapers and magazines of my native country of Canada.

It was at this point that I also started to discover a variety, of other media.

As a young adult, I’ve been drawn to the entertainment media, including television, films, video games and music.

My interest in media has not faded however, and it’s still something I enjoy.

I recently took a class on how to become an expert in mass media in which students are encouraged to look at and identify all the media they consume.

The course was taught by a professor of mass communication and media studies at the University of California, Berkeley, and was titled “How to be a Mass Media Arts and Culture Geek.”

In this class, students are expected to create their own “mass media profile” based on the types of media they watch and listen to.

The class is called “Media Studies and Mass Media,” and it teaches students the “content and content design” of media, the “art and style of media” and the “usefulness of media.”

“The purpose of the course is to teach students how to design media profiles, which is an important skill in mass communications,” said student Caitlin Mancuso.

“The students also need to create and implement a media design toolkit that allows them to create the profiles they need for their own projects.”

Students in the class were also given a “media history quiz,” which asked students how they identified with their mass media outlets.

Students were asked to complete a form on how they identify with the mass media.

The questions asked:What is the essence of your mass media?

How do you relate to the media?

What is your perception of mass culture?

What makes mass media unique?

What do you think about the mass culture of other countries?

What are your favorite mass media artists?

What types of mass entertainment do you enjoy?

What would you want your mass entertainment to look like?

What media do you see in the news?

What mass media companies are you familiar with?

How would you design a media profile?

For instance, students were asked: “What do I think about mass media as a whole?”

“If I were a consumer of media and was interested only in a single piece, it would be news,” Manciso said.

“I don’t like seeing a lot of news.

So I am interested in seeing news in all its forms, and I like reading news about a variety types of topics, including sports and entertainment.

I was also asked to create a “news list” that includes a news source, media source and a list of the people who have covered the story.

Students also were encouraged to create “news cards” that they could display on their walls to track the media stories they were interested in.”

The course also teaches students how not to “sell” their mass content. “

By thinking about their own mass media profiles and using their own media knowledge, you can create your own media profile.”

The course also teaches students how not to “sell” their mass content.

It’s important to know the limits of what is considered “too good to be true,” Mankiewicz said.

For example, Mancusso noted that one of the students in the course was not allowed to write about politics on her blog.

Mancusos suggested that students also take an online course and create a personal “mass culture profile.”

“If students are creating their own profile, they can do a lot better,” she said.

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