How to be the best sports presenter ever

The BBC’s sports show “Sports Centre” has been crowned the greatest sport show of all time.

The BBC says it was the best since “Top Gear” and the biggest since “The X Factor.”

The show’s 10 million viewers watched the finale of the 2016 Olympic Games and “Top of the Pops” on June 15.

The winners were chosen from a pool of more than 2,000 entries.

BBC Sport said the awards were presented by a panel of the most experienced and respected broadcasters, including presenter Chris Evans, the BBC’s lead presenter, and presenter James Marsh, the presenter of “Top Of The Pops.”

They were presented on Sunday by BBC Radio 4’s Andrew Marr and Jeremy Vine.

The show won for “outstanding sports show” and “outstands of talent” in its “outlook” category.

The panel said the show’s biggest triumph came in the last decade, when it was able to compete against “all the best shows on television and the Internet.”

The winner is: “The Sports Centre” The BBC will unveil the winners on Thursday morning.

BBC News presenter Chris Ashfield is a former BBC Sport presenter and is one of the judges for the “Sports Center” award.

BBC Radio 5 Live presenter Peter Taylor was the runner-up in “Outstanding Sports Show” in the “Outlook” award, while presenter Nick Robinson was “Outstands Of Talent.”

BBC Radio 3’s James May was the “Sport Show” runner-ups in “Sports Show Of The Year” and he was one of “Outstays Of The Century.”

BBC Sport’s Andrew Marsh and presenter Chris O’Dowd were the “Top 3 Sports Showers” in “Top Sports Show Of All Time” and they were the two winners of the “Best Sports Show Show” award in the show “Top Show” category for the past five years.

BBC Music presenter and radio personality Paul Martin was a runner-Up in “Sport Shows Of The Decade” for the show, which was nominated for a Grammy in 2018.

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