Why the media are wrong about the coronavirus crisis

The media, like the rest of us, have been wrong about what is happening in the world.

They have been on the wrong side of every crisis, from the civil war in Syria, to the global financial crisis, to a pandemic that has killed over 200 million people.

And they have been the one side that most Americans have always been on.

It is true that, with a few exceptions, the news media are still a major force for change in American society.

The American public is increasingly interested in politics, and many believe that we need new leaders in Washington to make change happen.

But, as Vox’s Josh Barro recently wrote, there are few reasons for this optimism.

And what is most surprising about the last week is how much the public has grown more skeptical of the media.

There is still a strong relationship between the media and Americans on a variety of topics, but the public is becoming more distrustful of what it sees as the establishment’s propaganda.

This distrust has only grown more pronounced over the past few months, as the media have gone out of their way to discredit President Trump, and to attack the Trump administration.

In the past week, for instance, the media reported on the false allegations that the president and his campaign had paid for the research of the National Enquirer.

They also reported that a former FBI agent had claimed to have witnessed a sexual encounter between a Trump campaign aide and a woman in the Oval Office.

The story was debunked, but in the wake of the election, the public began to believe that the media had been deliberately misleading them.

But there is another, more fundamental reason why Americans have become more skeptical.

A significant number of Americans have lost faith in mainstream media outlets in general.

Many people have stopped reading the newspapers, preferring instead to watch live TV, listen to podcasts, or listen to news online.

Even if they are able to find their news online, most people find it extremely hard to understand or connect with what they are reading.

In fact, a Pew Research Center survey conducted in 2016 found that fewer than half of Americans believed the media would be more honest and fair in the future.

There has also been a marked shift in the way Americans view the news in recent years.

When the news is dominated by political agendas and partisan narratives, the country is far more likely to believe the mainstream media.

The media are often the source of information about important political issues.

But as Vox has written, the political and economic systems in many countries are far more diverse than in the United States, and Americans are increasingly willing to believe anything the mainstream outlets tell them.

The news media, therefore, have an important role to play in helping us understand how the world works.

But in some ways, the American media have fallen victim to the same bias that has made them so unpopular in the past.

When we look at the mass media in terms of what they do, we see a media system that is increasingly focused on entertainment and entertainment-related topics, while the rest is about news.

It seems that the mass-media are the outlets that most people associate with politics, but they are also the ones that are most likely to be used to peddle misinformation.

As Vox’s Matthew Yglesias put it, “the mainstream media are the only source of truth about the world.”

For many people, the only way to know what is really going on in the news world is to rely on the mass, mainstream media, and this is the result.

When a major crisis hits, the mass press is the only place people have to go to find out what is actually happening.

And when the mainstream news fails to keep up with the news, the alternative media is the one place that people can connect with information about what really is happening.

As the crisis in Syria and the coronovirus crisis shows, the mainstream press is far from being the only media that has failed to keep pace with events.

But the media has been slow to react to the public’s distrust of them.

And the problem is only going to get worse in the coming years.

As it turns out, the reason Americans are more distrusting of the mainstream mass media is that the mainstream has not always been as open to transparency as it is now.

For instance, in 2016, many journalists believed that their job was to be the gatekeepers of truth.

And yet, when the public started demanding that the government release the full transcript of the private, classified briefings given to top government officials, the press failed to follow up.

They did not disclose that the briefings had been leaked to the media, or that there were other briefings that the public had not been given.

When journalists were forced to do so by the government, they often did so without even asking.

And in a time when Americans are far less trusting of government officials than they were in the 1950s and 1960s, it is no wonder that the press is taking advantage of the crisis to keep

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