How to stop Trump from taking your money

The president is running a populist campaign, but his supporters are using mass media to create a sense of collective empowerment and a sense that they are the ones who are really making things happen, a new study finds.

The study, “The People’s House: Mass Media and the Trump Movement,” was conducted by researchers at Georgetown University’s Center for Media and Democracy, which has studied the role of mass media in politics and social change.

They found that while Trump’s supporters are often portrayed as outsiders and marginalized, they often hold powerful social and political sway, especially in areas where mass media has played a crucial role in creating popular support.

“The people’s house is the house where people get their news, and when they see it from the media’s perspective, they feel like, ‘Well, this is a really good place to come, because there’s a lot of information,'” said Roberta Johnson, a professor at the Georgetown Center for Communication.

The findings, which were presented this week at the National Press Club, highlight how media outlets and media professionals have used mass media as a means to mobilize voters.

In the study, researchers surveyed more than 400 people and interviewed them about how they experience the media in their communities.

Participants were also asked to identify the major media outlets that they trust and believe have the most information on the president.

Researchers found that many Americans do not trust the media or its media partners, but they do trust their friends and family, who they trust to have good information about the president, Johnson said.

The results also revealed that a large majority of Americans trust the mainstream media and the networks that it partners with.

The majority of respondents, for instance, said they trust CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News more than the mainstream outlets.

However, many of the mainstream journalists were critical of Trump, particularly for their coverage of the investigation into the president’s finances.

One of the top media outlets, CNN, has faced criticism from its own staff and viewers for its coverage of Trump.

A CNN poll published earlier this year found that more than 90 percent of Americans believe Trump is lying about the size of his inauguration crowd.

“If we have a president who is lying and we know he is lying, the people of the United States should not trust their government to tell the truth,” said Johnson.

In contrast, the survey found that most people who watch Fox News do not believe that the network has a bias against the president or his policies.

A majority of people who watched CNN also said they did not trust mainstream news outlets, and half of the people who said they watched MSNBC believed the network is biased against Trump.

In addition, most people said they believe the media outlets have a partisan bias.

The people who view mainstream news sources do not share the same partisan political leanings, Johnson explained, because they know the news outlets do not present a partisan picture of the president and the country.

This is one of the most dramatic findings of the study.

In the past few decades, Americans have become increasingly critical of mainstream news media.

In particular, many Americans believe that mainstream news coverage has skewed toward Democrats and left-leaning news outlets.

The Pew Research Center found that Americans are less supportive of mainstream media outlets today than they were just a decade ago.

In 2016, for example, 63 percent of people said that mainstream media had been too liberal.

The new findings are important for understanding how mass media and mass politics can create a strong sense of identity and collective empowerment, Johnson added.

“People believe that they can have a sense and a voice,” Johnson said, “and that is a very powerful feeling.”

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