New South Wales ‘mass media’ problem: media industry says ‘it’s the problem’

AUSTRALIA’S mass media industry is struggling to cope with the fallout of the massive leak of confidential documents in recent months, and is increasingly focusing on the “problem” of “mass media coverage” instead of the “media”.

In a scathing report released on Tuesday, the Federation of Australian Media Companies (FAIC) said it had identified the “major” issues that were hampering the industry’s ability to “make meaningful investment decisions”.

The FAIC called on governments to “consider and act to address” the issues and noted that the problem “is not only limited to the Australian media but also extends to many other sectors”.

In its report, FAIC said “mass coverage” was “a significant issue that requires immediate action”.

“The problem is not only a problem in Australian media, it is a problem that affects other media sectors, too,” it said.

In Australia, we have a media problem, not a mass media problem.”FAIC chief executive Tim Bickerton said there was a “clear need” to “urgently address the mass media issue”.””

The problem exists when there is mass media coverage and it creates an imbalance of power and influence between the press and the public.”

In Australia, we have a media problem, not a mass media problem.”FAIC chief executive Tim Bickerton said there was a “clear need” to “urgently address the mass media issue”.”

We need to change the media landscape, and we need to make sure that the industry does not become a victim of the mass public media reporting system,” he said.

The report pointed to media organisations in New South Welsh as one example of the problem, but noted that Fairfax Media had not been contacted by the report’s authors for comment.

The FAAC’s report comes amid a growing number of stories about the influence of the media on politicians and public figures, with one senior journalist recently writing a scathing op-ed for the Sydney Morning Herald complaining that he was “trying to sell my story to a journalist with a history of manipulating the media”.

The Herald article described a time in the late 1980s when a journalist was “forced to reveal the truth about the existence of the Whitlam government”, and said the incident led to “an unspoken agreement among the Murdoch media and the media organisations they cover”.

The article was later deleted from the paper’s website, and the Herald apologised for publishing it.

The ABC reported on Monday that former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who was once a member of the Murdoch family, had once called the Murdochs “the greatest media empire in history”.

The report, however, said that the Murdoch group was “not alone in their obsession with mass media”.”

As a result, the media have become a huge target for the powerful.”””

Their actions have been a major part of the mainstream media narrative over the past three decades.”

As a result, the media have become a huge target for the powerful.””

In fact, the Murdoch Media is not alone in this; other media organisations are well aware of the importance of mass media and its role in shaping the mainstream political and economic narratives.

“These organisations, including Fairfax Media, are part of this narrative and their media strategy has been a significant part of what has led to the massive leaks of confidential information, and has fuelled a massive increase in public concern about the importance and potential harm of the leak,” it continued.

“It is important to note that none of these media organisations have been accused of wrongdoing in relation to this incident, nor have they been forced to take steps to prevent its publication.”

But it is clear that these organisations have become aware of this potential threat to the media’s independence, and they are working to address it.””

This means that the media must continue to take responsibility for the media environment it has created and work to build a more effective and sustainable model of media ownership and control.

“The report also highlighted how Australia’s media industry has “largely fallen behind” in terms of digital technology, with the number of online media platforms declining from 40 per cent of all media platforms in 2014 to just 21 per cent in 2017.”

Australia’s mass media is a large part of Australia’s economy, and one of the most important sectors in our economy, yet it is struggling with a crisis of mass coverage, and a problem which is not confined to Australian media,” it concluded.


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