How to fight back against the misinformation campaign that’s driving you insane

In the last few months, the misinformation machine has reached new heights.

And, in some ways, it’s been fueled by the same kind of fearmongering and hysteria that’s been the weapon of choice for those who have used the internet to spread their propaganda for decades.

It’s easy to understand why people want to believe anything they can get their hands on: the media has been, for many, the only source of truth in a world where facts are rarely, if ever, seen.

But what if we didn’t need a reliable source of news?

What if we could create our own?

How could we build a newsfeed that actually told the truth?

So here’s what we’ve got to do. 1.

Find a good news source If you want to create a news feed that tells the truth, the first thing you have to do is find something that is.

As the internet has expanded its reach, so has its reach on social media.

We’ve seen it reach into the mainstream and even the mainstream itself, including the likes of CNN, which has become the most trusted source of mainstream news.

The internet has become a global news-gathering tool.

And what better way to create an accurate news feed than with an information source?

But the problem with finding an accurate source is that you’ve also got to be sure to check that source.

If it’s biased, then you’re probably biased too.

You’ve also been given a bad news story by someone who’s obviously lying.

And if the source is not reputable, then the source could be fake or biased.

That’s the problem when it comes to the news media.

And so how can we make sure we’re getting the real news from sources we trust?

To find an accurate and credible news source, you need to look for something that has been vetted by a reputable source.

And that’s where the internet comes in.

It doesn’t matter how good or bad a source is, if it’s not verified, you’re going to get a false story.

That is, unless you’re on the internet.

And we’re going out on a limb here, but there are actually two types of news sources: the ones you might have heard of and the ones that you might not.

We will tackle the first group in this article, the ones we know about because they’re easy to find and are trustworthy.

The second group is not as easy to discover, but it does exist and we’ve put together a short list of them below.


Independent news sources A few months ago, we spoke with Daniel Buechler, the founder of Buzzfeed, who had the great insight to point out how the internet and social media have democratised journalism and made it more transparent.

He said: The way the internet gives people a platform to communicate is, for example, the internet made it possible to get news about the Olympics online.

That allowed millions of people around the world to see what was going on.

Now, a lot of journalists in the mainstream are not going to put their name to something they’ve just written.

So, they might say that the Olympic Games have been canceled because they don’t want to get into the weeds.

Or that the Olympics are cancelled because of the Ebola outbreak.

These are just examples of where the public is being empowered by the internet, and it’s the kind of freedom that’s hard to imagine even a few years ago.

And as such, independent news sources are a must-have for anyone trying to find the truth.

The good news is that the mainstream media, even if it has been hacked or otherwise compromised, is still a trusted source.

It can’t be hacked, and as a result, they’re the most trustworthy source for news.

But the bad news is they are also extremely difficult to verify.

There are a few good things about this.

First, the news is still out there.

You can still find reputable sources.

You don’t have to search for them.

And secondly, they are easy to verify: You don, for instance, need to verify the authenticity of a story on Buzzfeed.

But there are also some challenges.

First of all, you have the same problem that you do when trying to track down the source of an article you read on a mainstream news site.

People will often lie to you, so the only way to find out for sure is to go to a source that is reputable.

And a lot less reputable is more difficult to find.

That said, if you have a good source that you trust, you can make sure that it is.

That means you have two sources to choose from.

And one is reliable.

It also means that it can be used to debunk other sources, too.


Independent news outlets These are the most reliable sources of information that you can trust.

You know that the source that publishes a story that you like is trustworthy.

You have to trust them

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