How to make a viral video on Facebook, YouTube and other platforms

By: Amit Shah, Editor-in-ChiefThe big media has always been able to create viral videos on their platforms, especially through a social network.

They have huge advertising budgets and a large following.

But today, there are many more platforms available for the big players.

The big media companies are trying to build their own online video channels.

It’s not easy.

But with a little bit of creativity, they can create some truly viral videos.

Here are five tips for making viral videos that can get your name in the news.1.

Create a Facebook Page:If you want to create a viral post on Facebook or any other social media platform, start with a Facebook page.

This can be a simple, user-generated page, or an official Facebook page that has a few thousand likes and comments.

In either case, your page must have at least 50,000 followers.2.

Get the Facebook video on YouTube:Make sure to follow the instructions on YouTube’s Facebook page to create your video.

You should also make sure that your video has a Facebook profile.3.

Add an Instagram account:An Instagram account allows users to share photos and videos with friends and the world.

Facebook is not an Instagram-like platform, so it is a good idea to create an Instagram profile.

This account can then be used to upload videos to Facebook and YouTube.4.

Add a Twitter account:Twitter is a great platform for creating viral videos, because users can share and comment on your videos.

Follow Twitter’s instructions on creating an Instagram or Twitter account.5.

Add Instagram videos to YouTube:If your video on Instagram does not have a Facebook or Twitter profile, upload your video to YouTube and add a video thumbnail.

You can use a Google Video thumbnail, which is a 3-D model of the video.

If your video is longer than 2 minutes, you can use YouTube’s YouTube Translate tool to translate the video into another language.

Once you have created your video, YouTube will embed it in the Facebook or YouTube video.

The video will be available for a few seconds, after which it will disappear.

You can then create your Facebook or Instagram profile to upload the video to Facebook or to YouTube.

If you upload the videos, be sure to share the video in the comments section.

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