How to avoid a ‘Twitter meltdown’ if you want to keep your online life safe

Facebook has warned that users should avoid clicking on links that start with the word ‘mass’.

In a blog post titled ‘Weirdly, the only thing that is more terrifying than clicking on an image with a mass of links is clicking on one that does not’, the social network said it was aware of reports of users becoming ‘lazy’ by clicking on mass media links, and that ‘this is not an issue that Facebook has yet worked out’.

It said users should instead use ‘links that have fewer links than the image’.

Facebook has previously warned users about the risk of clicking on photos of naked women, but in this case it is specifically targeting images of ‘mass media’.’

As an image, mass media has a higher risk of becoming ‘lost’, which could lead to the user becoming a spammer,’ it said.’

We strongly encourage our users to make sure they check out our spam filters before they click on images of naked people or any other mass media.’

If you see any other reports of people accidentally clicking on a link that does NOT contain a link to a mass media website, please let us know.’

This will help us make sure this never happens again.

Facebook encourages its users to check the website before they interact with other users or websites, as well as to take action when they see suspicious behavior.’

A spokesman for Facebook told The Washington Post: ‘While this is not our intention, we have a few suggestions on how to avoid this.

‘Users should check the image before they start clicking on it, check the content of the image, and be wary of the link.’

People should also consider the content and timing of the images they see before clicking on them.

‘If they click one of the links, they are opening themselves up to more spam, as they are being encouraged to click on links like this.’

Facebook has a few more suggestions on ‘spam prevention’: ‘Don’t click on photos you have not seen.

‘Don’s best advice is to click only on links with pictures.’

Don’t use links that are too small or that don’t have a description.’

Facebook also said it had taken steps to block the ‘most common’ forms of mass media link abuse: spam, fake news and hate speech.

Facebook’s move comes amid reports that the site’s data collection and data storage were being used to mine data about the personal information of US citizens.

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