How to avoid a mass media event

Mass media events are happening now at least as often as they were in the past.

That’s according to a new report from the Pew Research Center.

A large percentage of people say they know of a mass event happening at the moment, but not many say they are aware of it happening at all.

The Pew Research survey found that 51% of people know someone who has attended a mass gathering, but only 19% say they have heard about the event, and 21% say no one knows.

The study also found that people in their mid-20s are more likely to know about mass media events than those in their early- to mid-30s.

More people in that age bracket also say they attend mass media gatherings with their friends, but fewer say they go alone.

A few of the key points in the Pew report: The study found that 60% of Americans say they see a lot of media attention about a particular event.

Of those, nearly half say they’ve heard about it, and 40% have seen it happen.

The number of people who say they’re aware of a particular media event has decreased from 53% to 45%.

But more people in this age group say they haven’t heard of it.

Only 13% of the public has heard of the mass media gathering in question, but a majority say they were aware of the event at the time.

The public is more likely than people who have heard of an event to say they went to a mass, but they are more apt to say that they went with friends than to say the event was a family affair.

In fact, nearly three-quarters of people said they went alone, compared to a similar proportion of people saying they went in group.

The survey also found a sizable chunk of the American public is not sure about whether or not they were present.

Half the people polled were not sure whether or the media event was happening, and half were not aware that they had attended it.

Those who were not familiar with the event say they may not have attended if they had seen a lot, or if it was a party.

But the public is less sure than others about the events themselves.

A quarter of the people surveyed were not even sure what a mass is.

Forty-one percent said they didn’t know what a media event is, but just one-in-five were not clear on the matter.

Those numbers were similar among those who had heard of a media gathering.

About three-in

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