Which social media platforms do you use to consume content?

On the subject of “social media”, a new report has revealed that many people have a different view on the subject.

According to data released by research firm IDC, almost two-thirds of people have “zero” or “negative” attitudes towards “digital media” and half of those surveyed said they are “very” or extremely negative towards “traditional media” (i.e. media outlets).

However, it should be noted that these are the “narrowest” survey questions and were only used to test whether people use social media to consume media content.

“Digital media is still a highly valued medium of consumption in the digital era, with more than half of all U.S. adults viewing content on digital devices, including tablets and smartphones,” the report states.

“However, it is becoming increasingly important for consumers to consume these media products in a more holistic manner that encompasses all content on the platform.”

In fact, the report notes that, in a year that saw the release of Netflix and Hulu, “there were fewer than one million video streaming devices in the U.A.E., with about 6 million of those in China.”

What’s more, the majority of these users are “white” males, according to IDC.

“White men are disproportionately likely to be in the top 5% of income earners in the United States, with a median household income of $65,000, while non-white men are only about 10% of the U (sic) population,” the data states.

This is in part due to the fact that “many white men who make more than $65-70,000 annually spend much more of their income on content, including television, movies, music, video games and advertising,” according to the report.

Additionally, the digital media industry is “very white” and “male dominated,” according the report, and it is “particularly difficult to reach out to a broader group of consumers than people who have a diverse range of ethnicities.”

And “white men who are more likely to live in the suburbs are also disproportionately likely in the ‘middle’ of the digital divide.”

However, the demographic breakdown of digital media consumers is far from unique.

The IDC report also notes that there are other factors that contribute to the disparity in digital media consumption, such as “race, gender, income, education level and region.”

And this is where the “feminist” element of the social media discussion can come into play.

A recent study, for instance, found that women are more engaged in digital news consumption than men.

“In addition, the more people who use social networks, the larger the gender gap is,” the researchers noted.

“This gap is especially pronounced among younger generations, who are most likely to have mobile devices and online access.

For this reason, women tend to be more engaged and online.”

So, as a “feminists” or a “women’s media” user, what do you think of the “digital divide”?

Have you ever heard of “digital feminism”?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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