How to get more media coverage and a better understanding of social media

“In our country, the only people who really care about what you read on Facebook are the people who like it,” says Michelle Luhmann, a media literacy expert at Georgetown University.

“And that’s what makes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, all these other social media platforms so successful.”

In the United States, more than two-thirds of adults are on social media, according to the Pew Research Center.

A study from last year found that 75 percent of Americans say they’ve used Facebook at least once in the past year.

Luhman says that the social media sites are important for the people they serve.

“If you’re a parent, for example, you want your kids to be connected to a great school, and you want them to be able to communicate with the best teachers and the best coaches and the most talented athletes,” Luhmans research found.

“We want them in a place where they’re not only making a difference in their community, but they’re also connecting with others that are just like them.”

In an era where we are bombarded with news about the world around us, the idea of having more information to choose from is appealing, Luhmen says.

“I think there’s a sense of empowerment, and there’s also an appreciation that this information can be shared and disseminated,” she adds.

Luhnings research also found that people who are on Facebook have a higher understanding of what’s happening around them.

“Facebook is a way for us to connect with people that we know and trust, and it’s also a way to reach out to people who don’t know us, and find out more about what’s going on in our lives,” Luhnmans study found.

The best way to spread the word on social platforms is to be a good listener, Luhnman says.

The more we listen, the better we will understand what’s really happening in our communities and how to share what we know with those around us.

The only way to be good at social media is to listen.

Luhmins study found that the more people that you know and share information with, the more likely you are to read their posts and follow their posts.

The researchers also found, however, that the information that you post online can change over time.

The study found a correlation between people who posted more on Facebook in the last month, the first month they posted and the time they posted their last post.

It also found a strong correlation between how many times you read your posts and how likely you were to click on a link posted on Facebook.

“So if you’re constantly clicking on links, you’re also going to be more likely to read your comments,” Luhmans says.

And that means it’s not just people on Facebook that need to be better listeners and readers.

The key to being good at reading people’s posts is to make sure that they’re getting what they want, not what you want, Luhmings says.

You can learn more about Luhnmann’s research and her work at her website.

You will find more information about Luhmings research in the upcoming episode of the show, which will air on Wednesday, February 22 at 9:00 a.m.


In the next episode of our podcast, “A Conversation With The Experts,” we will dive deeper into the latest research on the social impact of media.

And we will look at the new and changing media platforms that are bringing more attention to the issues that we all face every day.

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