How to get the word out about the new national health initiative

The Obama administration on Thursday unveiled its latest effort to expand access to health care coverage through a national health insurance program, saying it has created the most comprehensive, cost-effective program ever for the U.S. The White House said the program will cost $8 trillion over a decade and cover an additional 10 million people.

The new plan includes: expanding Medicare to cover everyone over 65, which is a key element of the Affordable Care Act, expanding Medicaid to cover more people, and expanding Medicaid-type coverage to people under 25.

Health care experts say the new plan will have many unintended consequences for the health care system, and they say it will leave more people uninsured.

The health insurance industry, which has a strong interest in maintaining its profits and maintaining a favorable exchange rate, is likely to lobby for a large tax break for insurance companies.

The administration has been pressing Congress to approve a package of federal spending measures, which it says will be used to provide a substantial stimulus package to keep the economy moving.

The plan is not expected to have any significant effect on health care costs.

In a speech before reporters Thursday afternoon, White House budget director Sylvia Mathews Burwell said that a new insurance program is needed to give people access to care when they can’t afford it.

The federal government will provide $8 billion over 10 years to expand Medicare and Medicaid, and the new system will provide health insurance for people over 65.

This is the first time in the country’s history that we have put together a new program that includes all of the people who have been eligible for health insurance coverage in the past.

She said that people will get coverage for $8,500 a year, which equates to $1,200 a month for the average family.

The government is also expected to cover $1 trillion in additional taxes.

The Affordable Care Fund is designed to help lower-income people buy insurance through a federal insurance exchange and to cover people who cannot afford private coverage.

In her speech, Burwell also said the president had decided to push the new program to help pay for his $700 billion stimulus package, including a tax credit of $250 per family for people under 50.

The president, she said, will spend the rest of his time talking to people who can’t get health insurance and who need to buy it.

“We have to keep getting this message out there,” Burwell told reporters.

She added that the plan is important because it includes a $1.6 trillion tax cut for high earners. 

The White House also announced that the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which serves as the lead for federal emergency planning and response to natural disasters, will receive $25 billion to help states recover from a devastating tornado outbreak.

The agency has also been given authority to create disaster-relief funds for state and local governments to purchase emergency supplies.

The president is also pushing for additional funding to help Puerto Rico, which was hit by the hurricane Maria and has been without power for days.

The money would help Puerto Ricans who have lost power and water, pay their electricity bills, and help with medical and food costs.

“As a first step, the president is announcing the administration will provide emergency funding to Puerto Rico to help with critical medical and essential health services, including access to safe and affordable electricity, water, and sanitation,” Burwilly said in a statement.

“This assistance will help Puerto Rican families and communities rebuild and restore normalcy.

This additional assistance will be made available to states and territories, who have declared an emergency and are preparing to implement federal emergency preparedness requirements.”

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