Which of these are the worst mass media?

On March 8, 2014, the New York Times published a story about a group of Muslim activists who had been beaten to death in an upscale Cairo restaurant in January 2014 by a mob led by Egyptian security officials who claimed that they were the perpetrators of a failed attack on a pro-Morsi protest.

This story, which had a sensationalistic cover, caused a media firestorm, with many commentators accusing the Times of trying to “spread a false story.”

The article, titled “Violence at a restaurant in Cairo,” was widely circulated online and, in response, many news outlets and commentators took to social media to attack the Times for publishing the story.

While the story itself was not intended to be widely disseminated, the subsequent attacks against the newspaper and the Muslim activists were widely perceived as attempts to discredit the paper, and to discredit its reputation as an independent news outlet.

One of the most common criticisms of the Times was that the article’s cover was designed to “make people think the Muslim Brotherhood is responsible for the death of Muslims in Egypt.”

The paper has since issued a retraction of the article, and has apologized to those who were killed in the attack.

The Times also released a statement acknowledging that the violence against Muslim activists was not the result of a mob, but rather of “some unknown mob.”

But there is no indication that the incident was the work of a “mob,” and there is not a single instance in which the mob was identified.

While there is some evidence to suggest that there was a mob that perpetrated the attack, and there are also some instances in which it appears that some kind of organized group of people carried out the attack against the Muslim protestors, the mob appears to have been acting independently of any group of Muslims.

In the case of the mass media, it appears the media has a long way to go before it is even able to accurately report on violent incidents.

For example, on March 11, 2017, an article published by the Associated Press was widely widely condemned as being irresponsible and irresponsible, and for being part of a pattern of inaccurate coverage of Egypt.

In an interview with the Associated Journal, one of the authors of the AP article, Adam Gopnik, said the article had been published in response to a request from the Egyptian government for a correction.

The AP article claimed that the attack on the Muslim protesters was the result “of a mob,” and that the mob involved was comprised of “unknown Muslims,” who “came in force with heavy arms and police.”

This was based on information provided by the Egyptian authorities, which claimed that a mob of between 100 to 200 people were involved in the incident, including members of the “anti-Brotherhood” Muslim Brotherhood.

In fact, no information is available to substantiate these claims, and it is not clear whether the mob had a history of violent attacks on Egypt’s security forces.

In any case, the story was widely criticized as being reckless and irresponsible.

The media’s response was to issue a retrial of the story, claiming that the AP was wrong to publish the story and that it had been retracted.

The story’s author also acknowledged that the story had been previously published by another outlet and was correct in its information.

In response to the controversy, the AP issued a statement clarifying that the claim that the Muslim mob was involved was not a new one, and that “the story was already widely circulated on social media” prior to the retrial.

It also said that it was “deeply sorry” for any harm caused by the retraction.

In March 2018, a similar story appeared in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, in which an article claimed “two people” had died in an attack on Muslims in Cairo, and one of them was identified as a “Muslim Brotherhood member.”

The ABC article was widely condemned for being irresponsible, inaccurate, and irresponsible in its reporting, with media outlets and pundits suggesting that the ABC had deliberately published the story as part of an effort to discredit Egypt’s military.

This article was also widely criticized for its misleading reporting and misleading claims, which included the claim “Egyptian security officials said the attackers were members of an Islamist group.”

In fact no evidence has ever been presented to support these claims and no proof has been provided to support them.

In a separate incident in August 2018, the ABC published an article titled “Two dead in Cairo attack,” that claimed that “one of the two killed in Egypt’s most deadly terrorist attack in more than a decade was a member of the Muslim Brothers.”

This article has been widely criticized by media outlets for being inaccurate and irresponsible and misleading in its portrayal of the attack and for failing to accurately describe the attackers’ role.

Media outlets have also raised questions about the reliability of the information that has been used to produce the article.

This has included criticism of the reporting of the police, who claim to have killed the attackers and a report by an independent investigative team, which concluded that “all the evidence points to

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