When Youre Not a Mass Media Owner, Youre a Mass Occupier

Wired article The mass media occupation has been on a tear, and it’s going to continue to do so until its over. 

The Occupy Wall Street movement has created an enormous amount of controversy, and in the process, it has brought into question everything we thought we knew about the world of mass media. 

In the wake of the New York Times’ report on the mass media, the media’s collective heart sank. 

“Mass media ownership is a social contract between media owners and journalists,” New York Magazine’s Paul Lipsky wrote in The Atlantic.

“It is a form of corporate coercion.” 

“The media’s relationship to the corporate world has been a long-running problem in American society,” the article continued.

“But as mass media ownership becomes more institutionalized, that problem gets worse.” 

In a New York Post op-ed, the journalist and author Amy Hardwick argued that the mainstream media had done a “disgraceful” job of covering Occupy Wall St. “Media ownership is about power, and media ownership in America has become a very, very powerful form of power,” she wrote.

“For decades, it’s been the corporate-controlled media that has dominated the discussion and promoted the status quo.” 

For years, the mainstream press has tried to ignore the mass movement and the Occupy Wall Streets movement by portraying them as “a movement that doesn’t exist.” 

“[O]nce they were no longer a fringe element, they were mainstream, and their voices were silenced,” Lipskys article continues. 

It was then that the mass occupation came to the attention of a small group of reporters, who began to look into the mass mass media’s complicity in this culture of impunity and repression. 

And so, over the past year, the mass internet, media outlets, and journalists have been investigating the media-controlled occupation and its impact on the American population. 

Today, we are witnessing a new era in the media landscape. 

While the media is not in the best position to accurately represent the movement, the news outlets are taking the time to investigate what is going on. 

There is a growing body of evidence showing that mass media are complicit in mass murder. 

A New York-based research company, Open Media Research, published an analysis in March that found that the media owned over 60 percent of the mass murder in the United States in 2016. 

At the same time, the corporate media and their corporate-backed politicians have been systematically lying about the nature of the occupation and, in some cases, attempting to silence those who are calling attention to the mass killings. 

This isn’t the first time the mass-media have been implicated in mass killings; in 2014, for example, the New Yorker reported that the US military had been training and arming people to commit mass murders. 

But it was the media and mass media that were forced to take action. 

According to Lipski, there was no way to know if these stories would be covered by the media, but that is what the movement has been trying to accomplish. 

“[The media] have an obligation to tell the truth,” she said.

“And if they’re not, they should at least be willing to confront the fact that they are complicit.” 

When youre not a mass media owner, youre a mass occupation. 

As the New American reported, mass media owners have been complicit in the mass shootings in the past. 

They have been silent on the police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and the murder of Freddie Gray in Baltimore. 

Then, when it became clear that the murders were not being covered by major media outlets and their politicians, the police began to cover up the evidence. 

However, the government and media are still using the mass incarceration crisis as an excuse to suppress the voices of those calling for justice. 

We’ve seen that the American people are angry about the fact-free lies of the corporate and political elites and the media.

The mass media have failed to report the crimes committed against them. 

Instead, they have played a part in covering up the mass murders, using a media blackout to cover it up, and trying to cover their tracks by denying any involvement. 

For example, on March 3, 2017, the Washington Post published an article titled, “A Media-Free Occupation of Baltimore?” 

The article stated that,  “the mass media has been silent in the face of mass incarceration for years, and now they’re being forced to do the same. 

Since the first days of the uprising, the national media has repeatedly failed to cover the growing violence, the death, and destruction in Baltimore.” 

But, as Lipska explained in her op-ion, this is exactly what the mass movements are asking for. 

 “When people are denied access to information and information is denied, that’s

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